The Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) set up in 1957 is the only national center in the country where research in all disciplines relating to fishing and fish processing is undertaken. The institute started functioning at Cochin in 1957. Research centers function at Veraval (Gujarat), Visakhapatnam (AP) and Mumbai (Maharashtra).

The institute focusses on basic and strategic research in fishing and processing and is involved in design and development of energy efficient fishing systems for responsible fishing and sustainable management. The institute provides human resource development through training, education and extension. It is also involved in the development of implements and machinery for fishing and fish processing.

Key People

Dr. G.K.Sivaraman is a principal scientist in the Department of Microbiology. He holds a PhD in Animal Genetics & Breeding. His area of interest lies in Seafood Microbiology & Biotechnology. At present he is engaged in many projects which focus on infections in aquacultures. His team is involved in the development of multiplex microarray system for detection of food-borne and shrimp pathogens. One of the focus areas is Risk Assesment of Emerging Foodborne Pathogens and Chemical Residues in Aquatic Systems.


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